White Cloud's Secret (1912) Short, Western · 7 February 1912
Standing Eagle, a young Indian, has just returned from an Indian college. His father, White Cloud, is dying. He calls his son and tells him he wishes to disclose a secret ere he dies. White Cloud takes out a silver watch in which there is a picture of a young miner, and under it the name "John Meredith." The father also shows the son an old wallet, which bears the same name. White Cloud then relates how when he was young, he saw the miner coming from a supply store, and, with another Indian, followed him for plunder. The miner fired upon them, killing the other Indian, but White Cloud killed the miner, took his watch, wallet and gold. Then as he heard the horsemen coming, hastily ran off and hid the gold, putting the watch and wallet in his pocket. The horsemen found the dead miner, but did not catch White Cloud. White Cloud returns to get the hidden gold but no sooner did he stoop to get it, than he imagined he saw the miner in front of him with finger pointed. He ran off in terror, and never again went near the spot. After telling his son the story the old Indian dies. A few days later, Standing Eagle starts out to get the gold. After a long, weary search he finds the white man's gold. In the heart of the desert Standing Eagle sees an outlaw whose horse has died. He gives the man food and drink, only to have his horse taken from him with the rest of his supplies. After many days in the desert without food or water, Jack Meredith, son of Miner John Meredith, rides on and takes the Indian to his shack. Jack and his wife nurse Standing Eagle through a fever, and then Jack goes away to his mine. The Indian has completely recovered when the miner returns. His wife has taken the fever; Jack has been unsuccessful, now with a sick wife, he is out of both money and supplies. Upon his return the Indian recognizes Jack from the picture in the watch. Waiting until the doctor has pronounced the wife out of danger, Standing Eagle writes Jack the following note: "Your father's gold is returned with a Red Man's gratitude," and goes quietly out of their lives. - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis
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