We Are the Fallen (2013) 23min · Short · 1 November 2013
Earth after the war. The never-ending post-nuclear winter lingers - dust clouds raised by bomb explosions obscure the sun. The surface temperature of the Earth and the atmosphere is reduced, darkness prevents photosynthesis - plants and animals die. There is shortage of food - those few people who survived, walk with masks on to protect themselves from radiation. They are constantly scavenging the ruins of the cities in search of the things they need to survive: leftover food, clothing and medicines. Four wandering Musicians, walk the snow-covered street. Attracted by the glow coming from the windows of an abandoned industrial building they enter it. Amid the rubble, they see a levitating woman, bound by a chain to the ground. She is half-naked, has tattoos with strange patterns on her body, floating motionless in the air, her eyes are closed and her head is bowed down. When the Musicians get closer to the Angel, four Freaks come out of the ruins. They don't seem friendly. Musicians try to stop the bloodshed, taking up musical instruments and start to play. The dormant Angel reacts to the sounds of music - she starts to wake up. Freaks start to relax - they have not heard music for years. Musicians finish playing, the Freak ringleader in a gesture of friendship shakes hands with the leader of the Musicians. At this moment Angel wakes up from her dream, and takes control of the minds of Musicians. Deprived of their own will - the Musicians start to fight with the Freaks, killing them all. One of the deadly strikes splashes blood, which drops on the face of the Angel, who at this point loses all her powers. Angel falls to the ground unconscious, losing control of the minds of Musicians. Drummer, awoke from mental slavery, raises his hand armed with a machete to kill the Angel. The leader of Musicians do not allow him to do that. Musicians take up the chain. Everyone slowly, stumbling and dragging staggered Angel, head for the exit. From the back of the Angel waves of fire appear in the outlines of her wings. - Written by Piotr Jagodzinski
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