'Walk, -- You, Walk!' (1912) 15min · Comedy, Short · 31 January 1912
Sam has received a new automobile as a present from his father. To show off his present he invites Rose to accompany him for a ride, and being a little fresh he demands a kiss. It is refused. He then tells Rose she will either kiss him or walk home. Rose chooses to walk and arrives home completely fagged out. Telling her experience to her sister Nell, the latter young lady fixes up a plan to humble Sam by giving him a dose of his own medicine. To carry out this scheme, Nell writes Sam asking him to take her for a ride. Sam calls at the ranch house and takes the sisters for a spin down the road. Wild flowers growing in a field by the roadside give the girls their opportunity. Sam is induced to get out of the machine and gather flowers. As soon as he is in the field the girls start off in the machine and leave Sam to walk ten miles home. Their joy not being complete, they stop at a neighbor's house and gather three or four of their girlfriends. Riding through the village, they nearly upset two cowboys and the local constable. The sheriff is called out to arrest the speeders. The automobile suddenly stops and the girls take to the hills as they see the sheriff and posse riding up. The men dismount and start on foot in pursuit of the young ladies. Circling the hill, the girls arrive back at the automobile, mount the horses and give the posse an opportunity to walk. Arriving at the town the girls leave the horses and run home. Sam coming up the road, finds the deserted machine, quickly gets it in running order and hustles back to town. Just as he is about to make a complaint in the sheriff's office, the constable who has taken the number of the machine while the girls were speeding by, arrests him and as he is walking down the street in the custody of the village police force, he hears the girls cry: "Walk, darn you. Walk!" - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis
Director(s): Pat Hartigan Cast: Marshall Neilan, Ruth Roland, Marin Sais
High Speed Torrents

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