Una kang naging akin
Release Date
1 January 1991

Una kang naging akin (1991)

Drama, Romance
Nicolas Soriano Adriano III and Vanessa Yumol are Manila's couple of the century. Nick comes from a prominent family and Vanessa is a Manila socialite who loves the arts, and they are engaged to be married. Tragedy strikes when the chopper Nick is in crashes and burns in the jungles of Palawan. Authorities find what remains of the chopper and burnt bodies and declares that there are no survivors. Unbeknownst to all who know him, Nick has survived the crash and is found by a family of indigenous people who takes him in and takes care of him. When his wounds are healed, they lead him to the nearest dirt road where he catches a bus ride to the rural city of Puerto Princesa. There he meets Dr. Mallari, a marine biologist, when he helps Dr. Mallari recover his bag from a thief. Dr. Mallari takes Nick to his home and introduces him as Darwin Salvador to his older sister the unmarried Tita Agnes and daughter the artist Diosa. Nick a.k.a. Darwin settles in a little hut he builds near the beach. Dr. Mallari and Tita Agnes immediately take to Darwin, but Diosa clearly dislikes him and shows it in their encounters until one day she tells him why - she doesn't believe the stories he tells her father and she doesn't like it that he lies to her father. During dinner, Nick/Darwin apologizes to the family and tells them he is leaving. He also reveals to them that he made up his name (Darwin was the name of a store in Puerto Princesa, and Salvador or savior was what Dr. Mallari called him when he helped him with the thief) and his background because he has no idea who he is or what happened to him. Later in his hut as he is getting ready to leave, Diosa goes to him and tells him that they have decided not to let him leave until he regains his memory. So Darwin stays and he and Diosa grow close. While all this is happening, Diosa and Vanessa also cross paths through Diosa's manager Eli. Vanessa happens to be Eli's friend and key client who has been buying Diosa's collection of paintings. Eli and Vanessa visit Diosa while Darwin is incidentally away with Tita Agnes. When he comes back, Diosa shows him pictures of her new friend Vanessa but Darwin doesn't recognize her. Later in the night Diosa goes to Darwin's hut and they confess their feelings for each other. They become lovers and later Diosa tells her father that they are getting married. Dr. Mallari is opposed at first because they don't know for sure if Darwin isn't already married with kids, but he gives in when Diosa reveals that she is pregnant. Due to some circumstances, Eli and Vanessa miss the wedding, but Diosa asks Vanessa to be the godmother of her baby. Months later, Diosa feels the first pains of labor and Darwin rushes her to the nearest hospital. Unfortunately the doctor is in another town and Darwin leaves to get him. On their way back, their bus loses its brakes and crashes. Darwin comes to in a hospital and suddenly remembers the helicopter crash and his real name. At the same night, Diosa gives birth to Darwin Junior. Days later Diosa and her father fight about Nick whose miraculous reappearance has made the papers. Diosa wants to make herself known to Nick, but Dr. Mallari doesn't want her disrupting other people's lives and getting hurt because Nick doesn't remember anything about them. During the argument Dr. Mallari has a heart attack and dies. Diosa decides to move to Manila and she attends Nick and Vanessa's wedding. At the wedding, Nick doesn't recognize her so she goes home to Tita Agnes and Darwin Jr. Tita Agnes tells her to forget Nick/Darwin and move on. Diosa tries to keep her distance but she becomes Vanessa's best friend and Vanessa asks her to be the godmother of their first baby. Nick' mother also commissions Diosa to paint their portraits so she begins to have moments alone with Nick while he poses for his portrait. One day Vanessa accidentally slips on the escalator in a mall and loses the baby. She and Nick start to grow apart because they can't have a baby anymore. During one their painting sessions, Nick makes a move on Diosa and brings her to his secret vacation house in Tagaytay. He confesses to Diosa that he can no longer fulfill his dream of being a father with Vanessa and that he regrets being tied to her. He tells Diosa that he chooses her and they start an affair. Vanessa finds out about their affair from Diosa's jealous neighbor Ronnie (he likes Diosa) who knows about the affair. Vanessa follows them to the secret house and confronts them. After that incident, Diosa and her family move back to Puerto Princesa and Nick leaves Vanessa. Nick goes to Diosa in Puerto Princesa on Darwin Jr's birthday. That night he tells her that no matter what Vanessa tries to do he will never forget her (Diosa) and they share an emotional moment. The next morning they are awakened by Tita Agnes and Eli's frantic knocking. Vanessa has followed Nick and has taken Darwin Jr at gunpoint by the beach. To appease her, Nick tells her that he will go with Vanessa if she lets Darwin Jr. go. Vanessa lowers the gun and goes to Nick's arms and Diosa grabs her son. Later, as Diosa sits with her son on the porch, Tita Agnes comes over with Eli who says goodbye to Diosa. Then Nick appears with Vanessa behind him, also to say goodbye. Diosa gives Darwin Jr. to Tita Agnes and Nick takes the boy and hugs him. Vanessa is stricken with guilt and tells Diosa that she didn't mean to endanger her son. Vanessa is in tears and asks for forgiveness and says she forgives Diosa too. At this, Diosa becomes enraged and slaps her. All her pent-up emotions come out and she tells Vanessa that she has nothing to ask forgiveness for. In fact, it is Vanessa who still owes her. Diosa tells Vanessa that had she killed Darwin Jr, she would have killed Nick's son. Nick and Vanessa are surprised to hear this. Diosa grabs Vanessa and leads her up the stairs. Nick follows the two women. Diosa lets go of Vanessa and digs for something in a wooden chest. She hands a wedding album to Vanessa and a set of pictures to Nick. She's already crying and the whole story spills out. Nick loved Vanessa first as Nick, but he married Diosa first as Darwin. She has tried her best to stay away and let Nick/Darwin be happy, but it has been Vanessa and Nick who kept close. It was also Nick who first confessed his feelings for Diosa. Amidst tears Diosa tells Nick/Darwin that, "You were mine first (Una ka naging akin)." In the next scene, Vanessa and Nick are getting on the chopper and Diosa walks away with Darwin Jr. in her arms. Diosa and Darwin Jr. look on as the chopper flies away. Then a voice behind her calls her name. She turns and it's Nick/Darwin. She calls him Nick and Nick says it doesn't matter whether he's Nick or Darwin, but he loves her. The three of them hug and kiss. - Written by medusa_25
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