Torrent (2016) 1h 5min · Sci-Fi · 30 December 2016
Since our country's inception, there has always been some sort of struggle between the government and its people. More recently our government has had its hands full with information leaks, hostile nuclear talks, the countries debt, financial crisis, as well as the war on terror. With all this on it's soldiers the citizens of the red white and blue did nothing to help the situation. Besides the cruel criticism of our government's efforts, they continued to cheat the system. Digital piracy, Identity theft, and fraud rose to an all time high. And a new threat has emerged. Terror has gone digital in the form of the Praetorian Network. This network threatens people's safety on the Internet as well as a large threat to national security. With the new Brain Computer interface going consumer wide, People's thoughts, secrets, and even dreams are now accessible through the Internet. The gap between the mind and technology has been bridged. With this new threat the government must maintain control and continue our way of life. Castor Eccerson, software engineer, is caught in the middle of this terrible struggle. The developer of the infamous Shadow Protocol (software that encrypts content so it cannot be taken without owners permission) was once thought to be the knight in shining armor to the entertainment industries piracy problem. Now that the problem has escalated, Castor believes the government is just looking for a patsy and he is not going down without a fight, whoever they send, he will be ready for them. The C.I.A. has dispatched a small team with a unique set of skills to counteract the damage done by its citizen. Armed with a new set of protocols the country will know that they cannot get away with these shenanigans forever and their is no such thing as a victimless crime. Payback is on. - Written by D.J. Rivera
Director(s): D.J. Rivera
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