To Boldly Flee
Release Date
20 October 2012

To Boldly Flee (2012)

UNRATED · 3h 29min · Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi
When the Nostalgia Critic can't stop blaming himself for the loss of Ma-Ti, a weird string of events begins to unfold that could shake the very fabric of internet reviewing as we know it. The evil Psychlo, Terl, under orders from a mysterious bureaucrat, is out for revenge against the Critic and convinces the government to arrest him, while Mechakara is reprogrammed to incapacitate Linkara and take his place. Meanwhile, Paw and his friends discover some weird signals emitting from space and Spoony seems to be the key to it all. Finally, they discover that this force is Ma-Ti, whose spirits inhabits The Plot Hole, in which no life can be sustained...without horrific mishaps. In order to try and right his wrongs and find purpose within his life, the Critic summons his colleagues NChick, Paw, Cinema Snob, 8-Bit Mickey, Bennett the Sage, Luke Mochrie, Film Brain, Phelous, Todd, Lupa, "Linkara", C.R., JesuOtaku, Angry Joe, JewWario, Sad Panda and MarzGurl for help. They steal equipment from Dr. Insano and transform the Critic's house into a galactic cruiser, christened the U.S.S. Exit Strategy, and blast off into space, bound for the moon of Europa, where the Plot Hole is located. What follows is a series of hilarious hi-jinx and tear-jerking drama as the critics square off against Terl, his forces, the jaded General Zod and the evil Executor, who kidnaps Cinema Snob and makes him his apprentice. Luke Mochrie enlists help from Oancitizen to learn the ways of the Plot, as the Critic ventures alone into the Plot Hole and comes face to face with...his maker. Will our favorite reviewers survive long enough to critique another movie/video game/comic? Will Mechakara succeed in assimilating the crew before Linkara can stop him? Will the Nostalgia Critic give it all up or make the supreme sacrifice? - Written by explorerds6789
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