The Waiters' Picnic (1913) Comedy, Short · 16 June 1913
Louis, the chef and Oscar, the head waiter, are in love with Mabel the pretty cashier. The Waiters' picnic is held, and Mabel is the cause of much trouble between Louis and Oscar. Mabel accidentally falls over a high bank and Louis, in attempting to rescue her, falls over too. Oscar and the other picnickers rush to the scene, and by means of a human rope pull Mabel up. Louis is left to his fate but by superhuman efforts manages to near the top, when Oscar pushes him back again. That night the headwaiter makes things as unpleasant as possible for the chef, and the latter retaliates by sending out some weird concoctions from his kitchen, causing the patrons to heap maledictions upon Oscar. The methods of the chef in handling the victuals are comically shown and will cause oceans of laughter. The chef finally decides to gain a terrible revenge by killing his rival, so he prepares a seemingly appetizing dish, which is liberally sprinkled with poison. It looks so good that the headwaiter presents it to Mabel, who is about to go home and she wraps a napkin about it and goes out. Louis waits until the poison shall have taken effect and then enters the dining room to gaze at his dead enemy. He is surprised to see Oscar serenely walking about, and when he learns what has occurred he bolts for the door and rushes madly down the street. Police and pedestrians attempt to stop the supposed mad man, but he bowls over every one in his path and continues on his flight, pursued by a howling mob. He arrives at Mabel's home in time to prevent the family eating the poisoned food, and then falls into the hands of Oscar who administers a well merited heating. - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis
Director(s): Mack Sennett Cast: Mabel Normand, Ford Sterling, Roscoe Arbuckle
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