The Vampires: The Terrible Wedding (1916) 1h · Action, Crime, Mystery · 30 June 1916
The Vampires do not give up their attempts on the life of Philip Guard even after he is married. The wife of the janitor who was accidentally poisoned by wine meant for Philip's wedding is now in Philip's employ. She is anxious to avenge her husband's death, and consults a fortune teller. The fortune teller is a Vampire. By hypnotizing her visitor, the woman influences her to open the door of Philip's home to the Vampires. Normandin has fallen in love with Augustine, and has followed her to the fortune teller. She will not reveal the reason for her visit and he watches her day and night. It is this vigilance which finally rewards him by finding the Vampires descend on Philip's home. The Vampires are put to flight when they are discovered trying to asphyxiate Philip and his wife. While Philip and Normandin go for the police, Augustine and Jane, Philip's wife, are kidnapped and carried to a house in the suburbs. Normandin, pursuing the automobile, fires a shot that punctures the lubricating oil tank. This drips, leaving a trail which Normandin follows slowly but successfully on a bicycle. Philip and Normandin find that Jane and Augustine are kept prisoners in a cellar of the house. Philip leaves his revolver with his wife while he and Normandin go for the police. The official raiding party arrives while the marriage of Irma Vep and Venenos is being celebrated. Every exit is watched, and the police break in upon the Vampires. All are killed or captured, but a count shows that Irma Vep is missing. She has secured a revolver dropped by a policeman and hurried to the cellar to be revenged upon Jane and Augustine for the death of her companions. Jane, however, defends herself by shooting Irma, who drops at the feet of Normandin and Philip who have also hurried to the cellar. Thus the last Vampire is accounted for, and Philip has freed France of the terrible criminal menace. Normandin marries Augustine, and the two pair live happily ever after. - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis
Director(s): Louis Feuillade Cast: Frederik Moriss, Édouard Mathé, Édouard Mathé
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