The Undetected
Release Date
18 October 2013

The Undetected (2013)

Short, Action, Drama
Former Central Intelligence Agent Chris Blackburn is trying desperately to forget the mistakes that cost him everything. Haunted by a stream of recurring nightmares he's left with little more than indistinct glimpses of the tragic moment that has changed his life forever. Since the horrific event, there has been only one certainty in his life...he's out of the agency, and determined to never look back. Unfortunately, things don't always work out as planned. It's been a year and a half since he's seen or heard from Jordan Price, an Ex-CIA handler and his former superior. The unexpected visit causes Chris to immediately question his motives. During their clandestine meeting, Jordan divulges top-secret information about a potential terror threat against the U.S. and its possible link to the death of two government operatives. When Chris refuses to get involved, Jordan quickly reminds him of the importance of gathering intelligence to protect American interests and reveals further information that could also lead Chris to the answers he's been searching for. But even these answers may come with a price. For Catherine Storm, a young woman struggling with her own guilt after finding out her father's mysterious death may not been an accident after all. Upon her return home Catherine finds information that leads her to a "Secret Society" bend on destroying the government from within. Her search leads her to an unlikely source, a disgrace CIA deep cover operative that may have the answers she seeks. When Chris and Catherine meet, they begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together that reveals something far more dangerous than either of them ever imagined. Can they find out all they need to know before they are discovered? Who is behind the 'Secret order' and just how deep does the organization run? Is someone trying to destroy the country from within? If so, why and where will they strike next? With the safety of the American people at stake the two set out to uncover the 'secret order' in hopes of forestalling the largest potential terrorist attack against a free nation in American history. The stakes are high and no one has a clue, just how deadly an enemy can be when he's hiding ... in your own backyard. THE UNDETECTED! - Written by Rennie Sharp
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