The Truth Revealed (1910) Short, Drama · 10 November 1910
A group of merry girls, carrying bundles of washing, are on their way to the stream, when one of the number, Mary, leaves the rest and meets a young farmer, John. This action is observed by another washer, Kate, who, her jealousy ill-concealed, watches the young couple. Later, as all the washers are busy by the stream, the young squire accompanied by a friend, rides up. Dismounting, he perceives Mary's pretty face and graceful manners, and endeavors to kiss her. As she struggles to free herself, the squire's friend quickly snap-shots the scene. Kate has been a witness of the affair, and, following the squire, she tells him of a way to be revenged. Then hastening to John, she informs him that his sweetheart has been flirting with the young squire. John is furious, and going to the squire pleads with him, but is only mocked and scorned. Meeting Mary, John reproaches her for her faithlessness, and refusing to listen to her explanation, leaves her. A few days later, the young squire, together with his friend, and some ladies attends the village fete. John also attends, and infuriated at the treatment meted out to him by the squire, denounces him in the presence of all the merry-makers. But the friend shows John the snap-shot of Mary struggling to free herself from the squire's embrace, and he quickly realizes how he has misjudged his country lassie. Making his way to Mary's house he asks her forgiveness, which is granted him, and both the lovers grasp the photographer's hand, thanking him for having brought them together again. - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis
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