The Swan Song (2013) Short, Thriller · 28 February 2013
'The Swan Song' is an artist's (Victor Darden) thrilling journey to find the perfect emotion for his last masterpiece, 'The fear of Death'. In his quest, the artist undergoes emotional trauma, depression, frustration, till the point something in his mind finally gives away. The artist takes a girl hostage, tortures her till the point she has lost all hope for life. He is about to kill her, but seeing her eyes closed, he understands that the final moments of a person are very private to them, and thus lost and defeated, he leaves. Then in the later half we see Victor facing death himself, in a road mishap, a steam bath overload, and at the gun point. The mysterious man who was holding the gun is revealed to be a hallucination, a projection of Victor's troubled Subconscious, who according to Victor's skewed psyche was helping himself to feel the fear of death. The movie ends with a symbolic blood splatter, the Artist's Swan Song! - Written by Utsav Bansal
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