The Secret of Berlin (2015) 56min · Fantasy · 1 February 2015
The Secret of Berlin is the story about a young actress from the 20s called ROSA who wakes up one day and finds herself in the year 2014. She does not really know what is happening to her at first, but when she meets a mysterious man several times she realizes that she has time traveled for a certain reason. ROSA finds out that NORA, a girl from the year 2014 who looks just like her, has been kidnapped for some unknown reason. ROSA tries to find clues in NORAs apartment when she meets LUKE, Noras fiancées, who seems relieved to see her after she has been missing for a couple of days. ROSA does not know how to deal with the situation and just leaves and goes back to photographer NICO in whose apartment she woke up on her first day in 2014 and who has since then given her a place to stay. NICO does not quite believe ROSA'S story about her past from the 20s but decides to let her stay in his apartment. The two of them get know each other and each others life better over the course of time. Countless funny situations and awkward moments happen when NICO shows ROSA the future as she calls it and ROSA discovers how much everything has changed since the 1920s. Just when ROSA and NICO are about to find NORA, they are forced to go separate ways. ROSA is send back to the past and wakes up in her fiancees apartment. Meanwhile NICO walks through a mysterious door and also ends up in the 1920s just like ROSA. - Written by Natalie MacMahon
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