The Saleslady
Release Date
7 May 1912

The Saleslady (1912)

Drama, Romance, Short
They said in the big department store that "nothing could phase Nora Grady." She was a saleslady, hard-working, but with plenty of heart, and, her enemies whispered, a bit of a temper. She didn't love her daily grind, but the father and mother and the little sister needed the money, so she kept at it. Love had never entered her life, she was too busy, but they say that pity is akin to love, and that was bow her funny little romance started. A gawky country boy applied for work, and he was so helpless that Nora felt sorry for him, guided him to the proper department and aided materially in landing him in the wrapping room. The ruralite was very grateful. He thanked Nora and she invited him to dinner. She advised him how he could make his work count, and he followed her suggestions as best he could, but he never was nor would he ever be the "capable hand" that the girl was. The owner of the store was a man who believed in developing talent. He offered a cash reward and promotion for the employee who suggested the best way to display the spring fashions, and many men and women entered as competitors. When the ideas were examined there was one that stood out, head and shoulders over the rest, and the superintendent candidly expressed surprise that "the country yawp in the wrapping room had real ideas." For the man that Nora helped was the prize winner. The firm didn't break faith with him. He was taken out of the lowly position, given a frock coat at cost, and told that from then on he was a floor walker. He was a happy little floor walker too, for the job suited him, but the superintendent would occasionally look at him in a worried manner, and remark. "He seems all right, but who would ever imagine he could think?" The floor walker grew more haughty as the days passed. He ignored the girl who had first brought him into the store, and for once Nora had nothing to say. In this case, little sister, also employed in the store, did the talking for the family. She went to the superintendent, and told him that the prize winning idea was Nora's, but that she felt sorry for the meek little man from the country, and wanted to boost him along. And the superintendent swore bitterly and sent for the floor walker to come on the run. The messenger found the floor walker, who was in the seventh heaven of delight. He had just escorted the boss's daughter about the store and to her auto, and dreamed of the day when she would be his bride. Then he tripped into the office and met his Waterloo. Tearfully he confessed. Savagely the superintendent rebuked him. Happily Little Sister laughed. Then sentence was pronounced. He wasn't fired. That was because Nora interceded for him, but he ceased to be a floor walker and was restored to the wrapping room. It is said that they offered to put his frock coat back in stock, but he held to it as the only remaining sign of his once grandeur. Nora was promoted, but "the ingrate" stuck to his cord and twine to the end of the chapter, and probably never realized what a weak man he really was. - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis
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