The Post Telegrapher
Release Date
1 May 1912

The Post Telegrapher (1912)

20min ยท Drama, Short, Western
Interesting scenes are shown of the parade grounds and of Bob Evans, one of the post telegraphers, at work. The following message comes over the wire: "Sioux Indians holding war dance. Fear outbreak. Protect wagon trains and settlements. White, Indiana commissioner." A scouting party is immediately sent out, Evans being detailed therewith. The Indians, however, have already started on a mission of death and destruction. Settlers are wiped out and their cabins burned. They meet a Tartar in old man Hart, who barricades the doors and sells the lives of himself and his family at great cost to the redskins. The approach of the soldiers is reported by means of smoke signals by Indians hidden on hilltops, and the savages lay a clever ambush into which the soldiers fall. At the first volley Evans is tumbled from his saddle. The soldiers wheel round and dash back, but they are surrounded by "the circle of death," which narrows down like the coil of a python, until the few survivors, making the last desperate stand, are dispatched. Meantime, Evans has regained consciousness. He makes for the telegraph line, and stumbling and falling, reaches his goal. Racked with pain, and weak from loss of blood, he manages to reach the top of the pole, and taps the wire, connecting his pocket instrument. His sweetheart, Eva Reynolds, the daughter of an officer is talking to the fort operator when this message clicks in: "Ambushed in Rocky Gulch. Many killed. Cannot bold out longer. Rush help. Evans." Sharply the Colonel gives his commands. The bugler calls "Boots and Saddles," and in a few moments the troopers are rushing at break-neck speed to the aid of their comrades. Anguished for the safety of her lover. Eva cannot bear the suspense, and, donning a soldier's uniform she mounts a horse and follows the troop. When they reach the battle ground they find the ground strewn with dead horses and men, but evidence of the terrific struggle which took place. Without stopping to bury the dead the soldiers follow the trail of the Indians, bent on vengeance. Eva dismounts and looks for Bob. Not finding him, she remounts and circles around. Lying senseless at the telegraph post she discovers Bob, and reviving him, she lifts him to her horse's back, and, mounting behind him, gallops back to the fort. The Indians have reached their camp, and the sentinels report the coming of the troops. A council of war is held, and a bold strategic plan decided upon. Head-dresses and blankets are mounted on sticks, which are thrust into the ground about the tepees. Making a detour, the Indians gallop madly toward the stockade, where the emigrants and settlers have taken refuge, under the protection of the small garrison left there. The soldiers fall into the trap. With a telescope, the Colonel sees the dummies and, believing them to be Indians holding a council, advances upon the camp. The chagrin of the soldiers increases their anger, as they realize they have been tricked, after making a fruitless charge into the deserted camp, and, suspecting the plan of the Indians they start back on the long ride to the fort. Knowing that the time to accomplish their purpose is limited, the Indians hurl themselves at the stockade with indescribable fury. Inside, every hand that can hold a gun is sending leaden messengers of death into the Indian ranks. Getting up from the hospital cot, Bob joins the defenders, and, forgetful of his painful wounds, plunges into the fray. Soon the Indians begin jumping over the top of the stockade, and terrific hand to hand combats take place. Bob grapples with a huge buck, but in his weakened state is overpowered, and as the Indian, throttling him with his left hand, raises his right with a deadly tomahawk in it, Eva leaps upon him and plunges a knife into his heart. As the tired horses thunder along, the troopers hear the shots and savage yells, and, conjecturing what is occurring at the stockade their mounts are not spared, but plunging the spurs into their flanks the soldiers swoop down on the Indians. With rage and resentment in their hearts they fight like demons, and the flashing sabers soon mark the end of the contest. The end of the film shows a sunset scene, with the lowering of the flag, with Bob and Eva thanking Providence for their deliverance. - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis
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