The Mystery of Temple Court (1910) Short, Drama · 18 March 1910
A young girl who loves an unworthy young fellow, of little character and less conscience, consents to a secret marriage. After a spell he tires of her and deserts her. Through a letter he has left, she follows him to England, where she eventually traces him to an apartment, where he has been living in style and comfort. He has just received a letter from his father, who suggests that he would have him return home, where he can arrange a marriage for him with an heiress. He is just preparing to go when his wife confronts him and pleads with him to recognize and protect her, and when she throws her arms about his neck in pleading embrace, he seizes her with the fury of a demon, strangles her and throws her to the floor. Bending over the body, he discovers that she is dead. For a moment, he is overwhelmed with remorse, lifts the body and locks it in a closet. Placing the key in his pocket, he hurriedly scribbles a note to his landlady and leaves the house. The young man returns to his father's home and we see him in the midst of a gay and brilliant reception, at which he is introduced to the heiress, who receives him passively, as she seems to favor another suitor, who figures largely in the plot of the story, for it is shortly after this scene at the reception that this young suitor visits London and takes lodging in the same apartment in which the young wife was killed. Dozing before the fire, he has a dream in which the murdered woman appears and points to the closet. He cannot dismiss this dream from his mind and decides to look in the closet. The door is locked. He forces it open and finds the body of the girl. He notifies the landlady and she notifies the police, who follow clue after clue until they decide that the previous occupant of the room, who left it so suddenly, is the murderer. While these denouements are taking place, the young murderer has gained consent from the heiress to become his wife, and just as they are about to be married at the church rail, the young suitor appears with the police, stops the marriage, and the young murderer is arrested. The heiress turns in gratitude to the man who has saved her from marriage to a murderer and villain, acknowledges her love for him, and he is not slow in declaring his love for her; both plight their troth with parental benediction. - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis
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