The Minions (2014) 11min · Short, Horror, Mystery · 30 October 2014
William stands at the window telling Abigail his story of walking down 'the witches' path'. The unseen spectral Abigail taunts William suggesting that he walked down the path hoping to see her. William does not contradict her, but instead recalls that just as he thought he had made it past, 'and then the girls appeared'. As the story continues in flashback, William discovers two drunk girls - Sarah and the very wasted Katrina - who ask for his assistance. Seeing the helplessness of their situation, William decides to help walk the girls home. William is slowly drawn in by Katrina first by her mindlessly echoing of 'Love me' and then by her demanding a kiss. William gives her a kiss at first reluctantly and then more passionately at her urging. Abigail torments the conflicted William telling him that the girls are really minions of the witches. As the trio approach Katrina's apartment, Sarah can only watch in fear as William becomes more physically possessive of Katrina. Once inside the apartment, William and Sarah look at one another for a long time until William suddenly lurches toward Sarah. Once again, William hears Abigail asking him: 'is it love in your heart or is it hate?' The room is revealed to be Katrina's apartment when we see her lying on the couch behind him. William's face betrays a wild range of emotions - from love to sadness; from joy to Hate - just before he places his hands around Katrina's neck. - Written by Joseph Fiorillo
Director(s): Jeremiah Kipp Cast: Lukas Hassel, Robin Rose Singer, Cristina Doikos
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