The Miami Shuffle (1) Action · 1 January 0001
Vince and Zach are two seasoned cops from New York City. They are both asked to resign because of several cases involving underground crime scenarios they could not close. Consequently, their Police Captain wants them out of the City; he's surreptitiously involved with the crime family and wants these guys out of the force. Both Vince and Zach come from a long line of Police officers and they are forced to temporarily resign; As the story unfolds and the action ensues they are constantly harassing each other about their dysfunctional marriages, life, and now job security. Vince and Zach decide to start a new Career in Miami as Private Detectives. In Miami They are sought out and hired by a rich and beautiful woman named Monic Lopez who doesn't trust her husband or the Legal system. Monic demands the best and hires the two to locate and keep tabs on her husband Tommy who is shifty and always unavailable. He is secretly leading a flamboyant lifestyle in Miami. Description of main conflict: Zach and Vince are exhausting their resources trying to locate Tommy. The two detectives encounter characters who have them running around the streets of Miami on a wild goose chase. One of the first encounters is at an underground cage fighting event where Tommy is a suspected Gambler. The streets of Miami are much different than what they were used to in New York City. Every lead seems to bring them to another dead end! One lead brings them to an alligator wrestler farm. At one point they end up in a female impersonator club called: "Twist n Twirl" Tommy is leading a secret life as a female impersonator, and is also the owner of the club. He has been doing this for years and his wife had no idea. - Written by John Bernard Richardson
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