The Marble Heart (1913) 27min · Short, Drama · 13 May 1913
Outside the door of the home of a sculptor and his mother, fell a poor, friendless young girl. They took the girl in and cared for her, and as time went on the mother began to regard her as her daughter. The son regarded the affectionate advances of the girl with only brotherly love. But there came a time when the misgivings of the son changed, for he began to pay scant attentions to a young beauty he met at a reception and who was characterized as a woman with a heart "cold as marble." This piqued the beauty, who was accustomed to abject adulation. She determined to bring him to her feet and in this she succeeded. She offered to pose for him, and, spurred on by such a splendid model and her praises, he produced a figure which was acclaimed by all the critics as a masterpiece. With fame thus attained he neglected his home and spent all his time wooing the beauty, who was cold and impassive as the statue. The sculptor was warned by an editor friend that the beauty did not care for him and that he would meet the fate of her other admirers. The sculptor, disbelieving his friend's warning, fell asleep and dreamed that he was a sculptor in ancient Athens when Diogenes, the philosopher, lived. He had created a beautiful statue for a rich man, and having fallen in love with his work, he was loath the part with it when the rich man came to claim it. The rich man then ordered the soldiers to carry the statue away, and they were on the point of doing so when Diogenes appeared and told them that the statue should decide who the owner would he. The sculptor presented his case, pleading great love, which the statue paid no heed to; then the rich man displayed jewels and money, and immediately the statue extended its arms to him. The sculptor then awoke and found that it was only a dream. He was happy in the beauty's company until he found that she had pledged herself to another. This drove him frantic, and, rushing to his studio, he smashed the statue and fell dying on the floor, where he was found by the beauty and the friend. The latter indignantly ordered the beauty from the home she had wrecked. - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis
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