The Little Vixen (1909) Short, Comedy · 22 October 1909
Angeline was the daughter of wealthy parents, and a coquette. Max is deeply in love with her, but the young lady is so fickle, that although Max has proposed many times, she has never given him a decided answer. Time and time again, the poor fellow has offered his heart and hand, but to no avail. Angeline thinks that Max is too much of a dilettante, and finally in a spirit of mischief, she replies to one of his numerous proposals by telling him that she will never marry until he has learned to juggle three balls. Even the remonstrances of her father fail to move her from her declaration. Poor Max! He knows very well that this is practically out of the question. Nevertheless, he decides to make an attempt, and after visiting a stoic wherein he buys the requisite number of balls, he hies him home and spends hours and hours in the vain attempt to master the mysteries of the juggler. After succeeding in smashing up till the furniture in the house, overturning chairs, and breaking up housekeeping generally, a happy thought strikes him, and he writes to Angeline that he has accomplished her test, and that if she and her father would call, will gladly demonstrate his skill in the stunt. Angeline and papa call. Max repairs behind a screen and with only his head and arms showing, juggles most dexterously. His visitors are amazed, but unfortunately in the wild endeavor to surpass himself in his juggling act. Max overturns the screen, and lo and behold! it's another man's arms doing the juggling act, while Max loaning over him shows only his head above the screen. We hope that Angeline through the trick sufficiently clever to take him anyhow. - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis
Director(s): Camille de Morlhon Cast: Max Linder, Arlette d'Umès
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