The Legend of Jimi Lazer (2013) 1h 32min · Adventure, Fantasy · 27 June 2013
Imagine a guitar that could make your wildest dreams come true... and "all you have to do is play." When Jimi Lazer, front-man guitarist of the up-and-coming rock band LAZER US gets wind of this six-stringed magic, he pays a visit to the House Where Dreams Come True. Inside, a cloaked witch presents an ordinary stratocaster. "Is this it?" he asks. "This'll make me as famous as Hendrix?" The witch smiles and Jimi takes what he came for. But there's a catch. The cost is more than he is willing to pay. Realizing she won't let him back out of the deal, he now lives under a curse. Jimi takes the guitar and disappears. No one hears from him again. Twenty-seven long years pass. A mystery man in a black hat drives a beat-up van down a lonely road. He stops to read a sign in front of a vast field: "Welcome to Limbo". Then, as if led by a higher power, he gets out and walks to a distant horse trailer, opens the door and finds the long lost Jimi Lazer. The name of the man in the hat is Freedom; he is Jimi's old manager. He tells Jimi that he has had a vision... a dream... and he offers Jimi a chance to make his dream come true and also break the curse once and for all. - Written by cubecity
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