The Invisible Thief (1909) 5min · Short · 17 July 1909
This picture, which abounds in funny situations, is a marvel for its tricks in photography and leaves the spectator spellbound with amazement over the many unique incidents which take place in the course of the story. In the first picture we see a fellow bent upon perpetrating a theft, entering the room where, after drinking a notion from a bottle, he becomes invisible. We can just barely see the outline of the figure as it leaves the room and again he turns up near a fashionable dwelling where he again becomes invisible and entering the place, helps himself to all the valuables within reach. He then returns to his room and after changing his costume, goes down to the street where he steals a woman's pocketbook. A policeman who witnesses the dishonest act gives chase and soon catches the thief, but the latter has the upper hand, and just as he is entering his home, again he disappears into vapor, leaving the officer spellbound. The thief gets to his room and as the policeman makes an effort to come up the stairs to apprehend him, the culprit in spirit form grabs everything in the place and hurls it at the officer's head. The latter at last realizing that there is little use in pursuing the thief, gives up the battle and beats a hasty retreat, leaving him to resume his normal state and enjoy the luxury of his spoils. - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis
Director(s): Ferdinand Zecca
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