The Heart of an Indian Maid (1911) Short, Western · 24 May 1911
A party of trappers is attacked by Indians and all escape but one, who is badly wounded. The Indians, however, start in pursuit of the fleeing trappers and the wounded man is found by Winonah and taken to camp, where she nurses him back to health, saving his life by pleading with the chief. Upon his recovery he becomes a blood brother of the tribe by the intermingling of blood from his wrist with that of the chief. This ceremony over, Winonah is given to him as his wife. Some time later, however, our hero makes his escape and returns to his real wife and child. He is seen and followed, however, by an Indian who was in love with Winonah, and this Indian reports his whereabouts to the chief, who determined to kill him. Winonah, however, overhearing the conversation, begs the privilege of taking her own revenge, and armed with a long knife, she starts on the tiresome journey to the white man's house. Footsore and weary she finally reaches a house in the clearing and sinks down exhausted. The white woman in the house finds her and cares for her and the little child amuses her. Seeing a photograph on the table, Winonah is startled to find it the trapper whom she is supposed to have married. Making inquiries she discovers that he is the father of the little child whom she now holds upon her knee. Just then the father returns and Winonah steals into a corner unobserved by any of the party. The father takes his little one on his lap with playful caresses. In the background Winonah is stealthily approaching to get her revenge. She wavers between hatred and love. Finally, love mastering, she quietly slips out and leaves the family in peace. On her way back to camp Winonah slips over a precipice and is killed. - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis
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