The Good Luck of a 'Souse'
Release Date
8 February 1908

The Good Luck of a 'Souse' (1908)

The scene opens in the bar of a saloon, showing the various stages of intoxication of its patrons. One of the manufactured articles is much further soused than his fellows and it requires the efforts of the police, who are called in by the bartender, to get him away from the worship of Bacchus and convey him to his home, where they leave him. His wife and daughter have retired, and when he comes in they are awakened from slumber and upbraid him for his condition. This treatment infuriates the already angry man and he commences to belabor them; they try to defend themselves, but are overcome. Their puny efforts are of no avail against the strength of the madman, who ultimately throws them through the window. The outside of the house, which is undergoing repairs, is now seen, with scaffold, etc, fixed. A peddler is now seen approaching with his pack in shape of a large palmier strapped to his back. Just as he arrives under the window the daughter is seen to fall out of it, into the basket, and is thus saved from danger. The mother next follows, and her hair catching one of the beams of the scaffold, she is also saved from harm and is gently brought to the ground, joining her daughter, and both rejoice at their miraculous escape, and go for the police to help them. In the meantime, the husband and father in the home, overcome by the horror of the tragedy, is instantly sobered, and in remorse for his drunken freak, looks round, and seeing a piece of rope, proceeds to hang himself. The rope breaks and lands him in a bucket of water, which further cools off the effects of the liquor, when to his utter bewilderment his wife and daughter appear, accompanied by an officer. The now thoroughly sobered man is overjoyed to find they are not hurt and begs their forgiveness, which is granted. He then signs the pledge, promising to abstain in future from all intoxicants, to the great joy and delight of his now happy wife and daughter. - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis
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