The Friends of Jesus - Judas
Release Date
11 April 2001

The Friends of Jesus - Judas (2001)

1h 31min · Biography, Drama, History
PILATE and the Roman legate VETURIUS look on worriedly as JESUS is celebrated as the new messiah in Jerusalem, fearing an uprising. Veturius decides to have Jesus arrested as soon as a suitable opportunity presents itself. JUDAS is delighted by the reception Jesus is receiving, and quickly wants to win over the influential merchants to the cause # which would make him the king and the liberator of the Jews. When Judas meets his fiancé SARAH, she asks him for money, saying her brother has been arrested but that his freedom can be bought with cash. Sarah is lying, however: the money is to bribe the palace guards so that JESTA, her brother, and BARABBAS can assassinate the Roman governor. Judas doesn't give her any money as it belongs to the disciples. The next day Jesus drives all the moneylenders out of the temple and incurs the full wrath of the city's merchants and high priests. Judas looks on worriedly as Jesus' rash behavior makes him enemies. He now takes the 30 pieces of silver from the disciples and gives them to Sarah # little realizing that in so doing he is financing the assassination attempt on Pilate. When the attempt fails, the Romans arrest relatives of influential families in reprisal, including that of Judas, and threaten to kill them. It's only now that Sarah tells Judas the truth. Judas tells Jesus to free the families, but he merely replies that they will all be set free. Judas is beside himself with fury. During the Last Supper he thinks of a solution: if he delivers Jesus up to the Romans, his family will be freed and Jesus himself would have to prove that he really has divine power. But Judas' plan doesn't work: Although his family is freed, Judas waits in vain for Jesus to demonstrate his power. Instead he dies on the Cross. In utter despair, Judas commits suicide. - Written by Anonymous
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