The Feud and the Turkey
Release Date
8 December 1908

The Feud and the Turkey (1908)

15min ยท Short, Drama, Romance
The Wilkinsons and Caulfields, owing to a trivial dispute, had been at loggerheads for years and as time went on the feeling became more bitter, until they even forbade their children playing together. The little ones, however, in their childish innocence, could not appreciate the odium of their elders, and Bobby Wilkinson and Nellie Caulfield became child lovers. This incensed Colonel Wilkinson, who tore the children apart, ordered Bobby never to be seen in her company again. The Colonel's action ignited the ire of the Caulfields and a furious conflict ensued, resulting in the shooting to death of George, the Colonel's youngest son, a boy of fourteen. From that time on the clans kept strictly to themselves. But love knows no clannishness, and, despite family hatred, Bob and Nellie remained lovers. After ten years, driven to desperation by this apparently insurmountable barrier, they elope and are married. Bob decides to brave the storm of his father's anger and present his wife, but the old Colonel drives him from the house, disowning him. Old Aunt Dinah and Uncle Daniel, the colored servants, were so attached to the young folks that they go with them. Two years later we find the little family, now increased by an infant son, having a hard of it. It is Christmas morning and no turkey for dinner. Old Aunt Dinah, believing in the efficacy of prayer, gets down on her knees in the kitchen to ask the good Lord to send them a bird. Uncle Daniel, touched by this demonstration of faith, takes a gun and determines to get a turkey at any hazard. Over the hills he goes, but his journey is hopelessly fruitless until he comes to the rear of the Colonel's house. Tillie, the cook, has just hung a fat turkey on a post outside the kitchen door. When Daniel sees it he can't resist the temptation. Back home he hustles and finds Dinah still at prayer, he lays the fowl on the floor beside her and sneaks out. When Dinah sees it she surely thinks it was due to her prayers. Well, the turkey is cooked and an old-fashioned Christmas anticipated. Meanwhile the Colonel has discovered his loss and tracks the thief to Bob's estate. Entering, a tragedy seems inevitable, but when the old Colonel sees the young one, his grandson, in the cradle, his heart goes out to it and the feud ends then and there. All hands sit down and enjoy a real Merry Christmas dinner. - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis
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