The Doctor's Bride (1909) Short, Drama · 30 August 1909
Dr. Fletcher, while on a professional visit, finds a young girl homeless and penniless. Her father, a poor laborer, had just died. He offers her home and protection which she thankfully accepts. A year has passed. The new ward has found her way to the heart of the doctor. He finds that she is more to him than a child. He proposes marriage and is accepted. The doctor's busy life keeps him much away from his young wife which time she uses for a little innocent flirtation. Some evening one of her admirers hands her a note and asks her to see him after her husband has retired. She reads the note and laughingly hides it in her bosom, never intending of taking the flirtation serious. The company has gone. The doctor decides to work before retiring while his young wife stays in his office until he had finished his work. She lays down upon the couch and is soon fast asleep. She dreams that she met her admirer outside of the gate. He induces her to run away with him. He is soon tired of her and drives her from his home. Reverses come, her lover loses everything. He becomes a drunkard and drives her and her child from shelter. Weak from lack of food, she breaks down on the road where she is found by Dr. Fletcher and revived. At this point of the dream the doctor has finished his work. He goes over to his young wife lovingly awakening her. She relates the dream and wants to show him the note but he smilingly tears it up; he does not want to read it. He has full confidence in his young wife which confidence is never betrayed. - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis
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