The Cowboy and the Schoolmarm (1910) Romance, Short, Western · 1 March 1910
Jess Wilson, a young and pretty school teacher of the "Golden West." is just leaving the little schoolhouse in which she teaches, when Joe Blackburn, a man with a "bad reputation," meets her and forces his attentions upon her, finally proposing marriage. Jess is insulted and orders him away. Blackburn, angry and vindictive, swears he will get her yet. A few nights later, Jim Brady, a cowboy, who is courting Jess, proposes marriage and is accepted. As Jim is slipping an engagement ring on Jess' finger, Blackburn appears and again makes his threat, saying, "You haven't got her yet and you never will." Young Deer, an Indian, and his squaw. Red Wing, are trying to sell some beadwork, when Blackburn, who has been drinking very hard and is in a fighting mood, attacks both of them. Jim Brady, seeing the plight of the Indians, comes to their aid and drives off Blackburn, who is now more determined than ever to get revenge. The next day, as Jess is riding along the road on her way home from school, Blackburn and his pals surround and force her to ride ahead of them at the point of a revolver. Young Deer and Red Wing, who have pitched their camp along the side of the road for the night, see the whole occurrence. Young Deer, perceiving the situation, tells Red Wing to follow Blackburn and his pals, instructing her to drop some of the beads at every turning point along the trail, while he goes to warn Jim of Jess' danger. Red Wing, who follows the trail, dropping the beads as she goes along, falls exhausted, just as Young Deer and Jim overtake her and pick up the trail, which proves to be long and hazardous, but finally ending after a hard gunfight between Blackburn and Jim, who makes a daring rescue, saving Jess from death at the hands of Blackburn. - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis
Director(s): Fred J. Balshofer Cast: James Young Deer, Red Wing
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