The Colored Stenographer (1909) Short, Comedy · 9 March 1909
It is Mr. Bunk's unlucky day. Before leaving for business he is despoiled of all his ready cash by Mrs. Bunk for a bargain sale. At the office his homely stenographer (chosen by Mrs. Bunk) aggravates him by her eternal primping. About to discharge her, he is restrained by the sudden appearance of his wife laden with the spoils of the bargain counter. The bargains, of course, are of main importance. They are displayed and discussed with animation by the ladies. Business routine is shattered. Mr. Bunk, irritated beyond endurance, rages from the office intent on obtaining a stenographer of his own choosing. At the employment office it is impossible to please him, until the arrival of Miss Dimples, a stunning blonde. Mr. Bunk can hardly wait for an introduction, she is hired on the spot. Returning to the office he is dumbfounded to find his wife still talking. Equal to the occasion he hides Miss Dimples behind a desk, diplomatically starts his wife homeward and in no gentle manner discharges the cause of his woe. Seeking vengeance, the discharged stenographer causes Mrs. Bunk's return to the office, where she vociferously demands admittance. Mr. Bunk, caught in a trap, attempts to deceive her by substituting the colored scrubwoman for the typewriter while the pretty stenographer on her knees scrubs the floor. Upon entering, Mrs. Bunk enjoys the situation by snubbing the stenographer and making pretensions of friendliness to the colored woman who, after making a sad mess of the typewriter, presumes to don Miss Dimples' "Merry Widow" hat. Miss Dimples resents the insult with the scrubbing brush. A spirited fight ensues, and the hat is torn to pieces as Mr. Bunk is despairingly led away by his wife. - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis
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