The Chrysalis Tide (2015) Mystery, Romance · 1 July 2015
When their father was killed in action during the Vietnam War, Anthony Elders made a vow to always take care of his baby brother Michael. A promise that was not always easy to keep, given Michael's affinity for mischief. Growing up, they spend many a day fishing the waters in their small town near Savannah, Ga. Fishing became the opportunity for Anthony to impart wisdom and in general, correct his brother's impish behavior. Anthony was the old soul having grown up overnight to become the man of the house. Michael, though as intelligent as Anthony, remained wide-eyed; seeing only the possible and refusing to entertain the improbable. Despite this, the boys were more alike than different. No two brothers were closer and they often talked about fixing up their father's old decrepit boat and sailing the world together. Fast forward to the mid 90's. Michael, graduates from Annapolis and is serving overseas as a Navy Seal. Anthony, a helicopter pilot serves stateside. On a beautify southern, spring afternoon, The Elders a family (minus Michael) along with friends and neighbors take a canoe trip on the river. Among them are a young school friend Amir and his sister Nadia, a medical student. When their perfect day becomes a perfect nightmare, Nadia comes to the rescue...but not without personal tragedy. From that day on, Nadia and the Elders share a family-like bond. In 1999, a catastrophic earthquake hits Turkey. Nadia and Michael, each in Turkey on their own relief missions, cross paths and meet for the first time. Their connection is powerful and nearly instant. Though Nadia is Muslim, (and promised to another man) they pursue an ill-advised "friendship" that will likely bring them both pain. Like the bird who loved the fish, it seemed as though they were two creatures, unable to exist in the other's world. A fact that Michael, ever the optimist, refused to accept. On September 11, 2001, the face of America changed forever. In the midst of tragedy, Nadia and Michael find their way just before both men head to war. Their plans to sail around the world would have to wait until after their return. - Written by Jennifer Elders
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