The Brannigan Account (2015) UNRATED · 2h · Comedy, Crime, Drama · 14 March 2015
SPOILERS!!! In 2010, a Boston, MA crime family known as the Morettis were led by "Anthony Moretti", who married his house cook, an Irish woman-last name Brannigan. Together they had a son, Anthony Brannigan Moretti. The rest of the Italian family was outraged by the "corruption of the bloodline" and ordered the assassination of the two and their son later on. The assassinations were successful, forcing Anthony Brannigan to flee Boston-but not first without enlisting the services of the McDoogan Brothers to seek vengeance on the Italian family's remaining leaders. Anthony left without paying the McDoogans...setting up his inheritance money in North Carolina to open a bar. 2 years later, the McDoogans find Anthony. Except now, Anthony's money has mysteriously disappeared, and the theft is blamed on the bank account manager, Steve. When the McDoogans come to Wilmington, one of the brothers, the maniacal and psychotic Aaron McDoogan decides to go rob a house. In a twist of fate, he attempts the robbery of Steve's house, and is quickly killed when Steve discovers him and smacks him with a baseball bat. These chains of events send Steve and his sister, Shirley, through a spiral of hilarious events to figure out how to right things with the last McDoogan brother as well as help him find the money Brannigan owes him. Within a few days time, a couple of men Anthony played a huge practical joke on are released from jail. They vow to seek revenge on Anthony by making his life miserable with multiple practical jokes themselves. Within a couple more days, the combination of the jokesters, Steve, Ethan McDoogan and Shirley's actions all lead to an explosive and unforgettable finale where Anthony inadvertently kills Steve, then is killed by his own girlfriend and longtime friend Billy Martin, who had taken the money all along. Shirley is left brotherless, just the same as Ethan McDoogan. Together, Shirley and Ethan track down Billy Martin and Amy (Anthony's girlfriend) and kill them, take the money, and run. - Written by Brannigan Carter
Director(s): Brannigan Carter
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