The Black Lash (1952) APPROVED · 54min · Action, Adventure, Western · 2 January 1952
Filled from front to back with stock footage from 1948's "Frontier Revenge", plus the addition of a new plot-line involving the same outlaw-gang leader from the 1948 film..."Deuce" Rago (as in Ace-Deuce-Trey)since the role names aren't shown on the film but are sure there in the press book and production sheets...the people who made the film are convinced his name was "Deuce" in both films. Anyway old D-E-U-C-E is back in Rhyolite, posing as a cattle dealer, as the head of a gang hijacking silver from the nearby mines, while also staging a few stock-footage holdups in order to pad the running time. This one tells us that Fuzzy Q. Jones, sidekick and assistant to U. S. Marshal Lash La Rue, hasn't heard from his pal for three months, knowns he is on a secret mission, and decides to join up with him sans an invitation. Lash is working undercover under the pretense of turning renegade. Fuzzy shows up and tells Lash that people think he has turned outlaw like his brother in "The Frontier Phantom," thereby opening the flashback door to some more stock footage. "Deuce" Rago's old new-girlfriend Joan Delysa shows up and nearly upsets LaRue's carefully thought-out undercover operation, but "Deuce" isn't any brighter here than he was back in 1948 and, in fact, instructs his lawyer, Bill Leonard, to hire Lash (who "Deuce" thinks has turned badman) to track down the gang who "DEUCE" thinks has being robbing his own robbers. - Written by Les Adams
Director(s): Ron Ormond
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