The Adventures of Kaitlyn Kitty Kat Kay (2017) Adventure · 7 February 2017
It's 1945 in the midst of WWII. The arch-villain known as "the villain", after causing havoc on the east coast now turns attentions to the west coast....specifically domestic wartime operations in Tustin, California. After wrecking a local ship and tank-making plant, now-unemployed welder Kaitlyn Kristin "Kittykat" Kay, wishing she could do something to stop the Villain's machinations, finds herself in receipt of an odd-looking box sent to her by her "colored" boyfriend from oversees. Inside said box is a tiger-patterned "catsuit" that, once she puts it on, gives her catlike speed, strength and other feline attributes....including a cat's nine lives. And she'll need every one of them as she takes on the Villain and the villain's hatted henchmen in a series of daring and life-ending cliffhangers, reminiscent of the 1930's-50's movie serials that this project is a loving, if slightly snaky, tribute to/take on. - Written by Darrell McNeil (Big D)
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