Tai ji quan (1974) 1 January 1974
When not studying Tai Chi under the tutelage of Old Yeung, Ku Ding works as part of a crew building roads. When he and his colleagues are cheated out of half their money by corrupt foreman Tang Hoi Hay (acting on behalf of his boss Master Jin), Wu Bing Lien protests on behalf of the group, only to get a beating for his troubles. Ku Ding intervenes and takes the beating instead, which is in line with the teachings of Tai Chi that it is not for fighting others, even though it can be - and that tolerance is key. This is not something that even Yeung's daughter Ah Jen accepts and she thinks Ku Ding's action (or lack of action) was foolish and it doesn't help with his money problems. Due to such worries, Ku Ding's girlfriend (Ah Bao) seeks out a job as a servant in the house of Dai Sing - son of Master Jin. At the same time Dai Sing, something of an martial artist, learns of Yeung's Tai Chi and looks for a contest, and when he is rebuffed he orders his father's men to kill the old master. While in the mood, he also approves supervisor Tang to get rid of rabble-rouser Wu and even has energy yet to give his servant Ah Bao some attention, whether she wants it or not. All of these cruel acts put great pressure on Ku Ding to seek revenge but, as this is not in keeping with his teaching of tolerance, he is unsure even when Ah Jen demands it. Can he reconcile the principle of his Tai Chi with the nature of the cruel reality in which he lives? - Written by bob the moo
Director(s): Hsueh Li Pao Cast: Shih Szu, Cheng Miu, Chan Shen
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