Suddenly Real (2016) Adventure, Horror, Romance · 31 December 2016
SUDDENLY REAL is a steamy Science Fiction Romantic Action Thriller with a sweet hint of Horror. This is a fantastic story of love; between two couple's seamless magic, lies; a secret government cover-up. Honor; a country's scheme to become the world's next superpower, and redemption; one man's search for his belief. This magical event is based in the very near future. When we are faced with adversity, we are faced with a decision. Do we rise above it? Or do we fall victim to it? Meet Jim Conner, a handsome 35 year old amateur astronomer from Brookhaven, Mississippi that spends a solid year of his life choosing the latter and then finds himself fighting for his sanity... and his life. Before he is given a chance to fully embrace a loving relationship with his beautiful wife, she suddenly dies. Is there a chance for re-connection after death? His recent discovery from space may just hold the key. On one dark starry night; outside his beautiful ranch home, he detects a very strange signal being emitted from a binary Star System in the distant reaches of space. First contact has now been established. After developing a software program to help decipher the signal's data, he begins searching through a NASA website for any information of this particular area and soon falls asleep. The very next morning, two powerful men burst into his home and force him to go to Texas. Along the way, a firefight ensues; killing a Lieutenant and 2 KGB Agents. In Houston, he finds himself being talked into an event that would bind him to an unwanted 6 year period of cryonic sleep aboard a newly developed deep-space craft. NASA picks a special; nationally selected team of varied professionals from around the world and sends them to this newly found exo-planet. This will eventually alter and dramatically transform the lives of each and every astronaut aboard this ship. Three years later, they actually find this strange planet and prepare a decent into the vast unknown. After landing, they begin their search, but discover... nothing. No one or anything seemed to be on this beautiful planet, or were they.... Soon, its two sun's became entwined in a similar orbit; threatening to destroy this stunning planet. Soon, Captain Foster stumbles across ruins of an old spaceship, but their attempts to uncover it from beneath is thwarted off by powerful tremors. They hurry; taking only a few soil core samples. Quakes now begin to rock their new world and finally force the crew abort the mission. They make it back to the main ship above and quickly decide that there is nothing else to warrant staying in this dangerous solar system and to return to Earth. In the final days that lie ahead, they will never be able to comprehend what Hell is about to take place... The lives of each and every astronaut aboard are dramatically changed as they uncover untold secrets and rewrite the books of history. - Written by Allan Hall
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