Stern der Liebe
Release Date
28 September 2001

Stern der Liebe (2001)

1h 29min · Adventure
Thomas Kesselbach is a highly respected restorer of old paintings, and leads a quiet, withdrawn life. All this changes when he gets a visit one day from a friend: Marcus Holt, the very wealthy owner of an enormous diamond company. Kessel-bach and Holt have not seen each other for many years. Kesselbach now lives in Brandenburg, and Holt in South Africa. Back then they were very close friends, until they fell in love with the same woman, Julia, whom Holt later married. Julia is also the reason why Holt has come to see his old friend. He is worried about his wife, who has had serious psychological problems for a while now; he tells Kesselbach that she is addicted to tablets. Holt says he just can't seem to get through to her anymore. A few weeks ago she disappeared, and now Holt is pin-ning all his hopes on Kesselbach: perhaps he can win Julia's trust and bring her back home. Painful memories of the old days resurface in Kesselbach at the mention of Julia's name. He has never been able to forget her. Back then he never had the courage to tell Julia about his own true feelings for her, preferring instead to withdraw, cutting off all contact with Julia and Holt. Julia, deeply hurt, decided to marry Holt, who also truly loved her. Holt furnishes Kesselbach with credit cards and a mobile phone and sends him to Berlin, where he thinks Julia might be. He tells Kesselbach to make contact with her there. And it doesn't take long before Kesselbach finds Julia, who is staying in the most expensive hotel in the city under an assumed name. He addresses Julia, pretending that their meeting is quite coincidental. Julia can hardly believe it when she sees Kesselbach again: full of joy she embraces her old friend, and very soon the two of them are deep in reminiscences about the old times. But Kessel-bach can sense Julia is not well: she's tired and nervous, and clearly taking medi-cation. Eventually she confesses to him that her marriage to Holt is sheer hell for her, and that she filed for divorce long ago but Holt didn't want to let her go. She tells Kesselbach that Holt is a brutal, power-crazed person who even had a psychi-atric report on her forged so that he could make her even more dependent on him. Kesselbach is utterly shocked at this, and can hardly believe what Julia is tell-ing him. Is she ill? Or under the influence of drugs? Shortly afterwards Julia hurriedly leaves the hotel after she discovers that Kessel-bach is working for her husband. She races to the airport to catch the next plane to South Africa. Kesselbach finds out about Julia's departure in the nick of time, and travels after her. In Kimberley Kesselbach sees Julia meet a shabby and sinister-looking man. What is she planning? Shortly afterwards Kesselbach strikes up a conversation with the man, whose name is Vanhooten. The man tells Kesselbach about the history of the diamond mining business in South Africa, in which he himself was employed for many years. Another confrontation occurs between Julia and Kesselbach. Julia urgently asks Kesselbach for help. She knows that her husband is engaged in shady business dealings in the diamond industry and that he is tricking the diamond cartel, and she says she is busy gathering evidence against him. She will only be free of him once she finally has it. Kesselbach is torn # whom should he believe? His old friend Holt or the great love of his life Julia, who has lost none of the fascination she exercised on him all those years ago? Julia also feels just as attracted to Kessel-bach # and that night the two of them make passionate love. Their happiness is short-lived, however # because the next day, Holt drives up out-side the hotel # with Julia as his passenger! He invites Kesselbach to accompany him and Julia to his farm outside the city. Kesselbach is in a desperate situation: he has tricked his friend, and rediscovered the woman he always loved. But can he believe Julia? For dinner, Julia is forced to wear the "Stone of Light", one of the most expensive diamonds of the world. Holt once bought it for her, but she never really wanted it. For Julia, the necklace is a symbol for her being tied to Holt who regards her as his possession. Since Julia believes that an amulet Holt always used to wear and Holt's wealth are directly related to one another, she wants to discover the secret. Following some old tips from Vanhooten they set off in search of an aboriginal tribe. On the way there they pass through an old African village, where they are given valuable in-formation about the tribe. These people live near a magic river and own the amu-let. Kesselbach finally believes in Julia's story... Kesselbach therefore agrees on going back to Kimberley to meet Vanhooten. A short while later Kesselbach is holding in his hands the small package that Van-hooten had been keeping for Julia. He also finds out that Vanhooten once worked for Holt, and considers his ex-boss to be a cold-blooded, calculating indi-vidual. Shortly after Kesselbach's departure Vanhooten is shot dead. Did he know too much? - Written by Anonymous
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