Spanish Blood (1909) Short, Drama · 11 January 1909
A young Spaniard treats his wife with utter indifference, and, leaving her heartbroken, goes to the woman whom he has placed before her in his affections. The wife, whose pride is injured by being cast off for a courtesan, follows her husband and sees him join his sweetheart at their rendezvous. The pair stroll down the river, where they enter a small boat, and, unconscious that they are being watched by the cast-off wife from the shore, they float along while the gallant lover strums on his guitar and sings songs of love to the queen of his heart. The jealous wife keeps a close watch on them until they land on a square, where they join in the revelry with other happy young lovers. Seizing the opportunity, the enraged woman confronts the pair and makes a plea for her rights, but is only jeered at by the cold-hearted damsel who has wrecked bet life. Finally they agree to settle the feud with a duel; so both women seize daggers and face one another while the amused spectators look on. The affair does not last long, for the wife is not equal to the occasion and is soon lying dead at the feet of her rival, and her husband coolly takes the arm of the courtesan and walks away. - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis
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