Space Captain: Captain of Space! (2014) 1h 28min · Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi · 4 October 2014
The evil King Xayno of the Planet Argor is using his Gravity-Ray to crash the moon into Earth! Our only hope is Rocky Lazer, the world's greatest pilot, athlete, marksman, sword-fighter, wrestler, and crooner. The President of the United States of Earth sends Rocky and his crew--the annoyingly loyal Chip Skipper, the brilliant Dr. Horst Karlock, and Jean Jarvis, the President's daughter and the Earth's first woman professor--on a dangerous mission into space to stop King Xayno and save the planet! Set in the innocent black-and-white world of 1930's serial adventure stories like Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, Space Captain: Captain of Space is a modern, smart sci-fi comedy. - Written by No Tea Productions
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