Sampoorna Teerth Yatra (1970) Adventure, Fantasy · 1 January 1970
Bimla and Rajkumar Uttam are in love and would like to get married. Accordingly they go to a temple and ask the priest, Shankarnath, to perform the ceremony. Shankarnath refuses to do so, as he knows this marriage is inauspicious. When Uttam questions his wisdom, Shankarnath curses him saying that he will die after his marriage to Bimla. Bimla prays to the wives of Bhagwan Brahma, Bhagwan Vishnu, and Bhagwan Mahesh, who are pleased with her prayers and penance, appear before her, and assure that she will not become a widow after her marriage. When Shankarnath finds out, he is angered and prays to the three Bhagwans to let him keep his curse on Uttam. The Bhagwans placate him and assure him that they will turn Uttam into a miniature stone statue. The wives of the Bhagwans again intervene, at Bimla's pleas, and permit Uttam to be human again - though only seven years of age. This game of war continues between the wives and the Bhagwans, until Sage Narad advises Bimla and Uttam to undertake a Teerth Yatra (Holy Pilgrimage) of all the known Hindu holy sites, this will assist them in overcoming Shankarnath's spell. Bimla and Uttam then set on this teerth yatra, but unfortunately end up annoying Bhagwan Surya, who decides to take their sight away. Blind, with no one to guide them, how can these unfortunate couple complete this yatra? - Written by rAjOo (
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