Red Rush (1) Action · 1 January 0001
The super hero is Red Cosmo. Her power is kinetics, being psychic, a healer, monstrous cosmo natural energy forces from god, cosmo fire and swords as weapons. She fights and regulates evil, corruption and possessed demons. Giovanni the leader of headquarters of battle has directed Red Cosmo to take down one of the most wanted evil conniving women Nastasia, that lives on for greed, sex and power. A women of no morals that only lives to satisfy herself and does this with her body and beauty. A horrible soul and mind that has ruined many in there lives, health and happiness by taking there money, infesting them of disease and corrupting there minds. Red Cosmo is a leader of super hero's and skilled to the level of A-Ace. She is ordered to kill Nastasia by Giovanni, Red Cosmo discovers where she is and is ordered to kill Nastasia to serve justice. View Montage "Cosmic Journey into Nature" that is produced by me and actress in it as well. - Written by MIV
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