Real New Yorkers (Pre-Walk the Subway) (2015) 23min · Short · 1 October 2015
Real New Yorkers (Pre-Walk the subway) New York City eats its young. We wake up. We go to work. We eat. We work more. We come home. We eat more. We sleep. RINSE. REPEAT. Jake, like so many of us, has been lost to his routine for far too long. His sole solace lies in his affinity for reading comics, which he gets delivered daily, and, for a while now, it's been this world he's come to prefer over the real one. Grabbing a comic from the mailbox, every day, he buries his nose therein and ignores the world as he walks to the train. He Pre-Walks the subway platform, claiming the same seat, in the same car, to sit in the same place, every single day. It would seem nothing could break Jake free from his routine, which is slowly killing him. That is all up until one fateful day. This day, NYC has had enough. This day, there's a homeless man in his usual seat. He'll try to deal, just to maintain his status quo, by attempting to simply sit across from this man, but the smell proves too be far too pungent - a sentiment many Real New Yorkers have shared. And so, longing for the comfort of his routine, Jake heads over to the next car up to take the mirror seat to his own. Here he'll encounter Aylissa: a beautiful, mysterious, and alluring stranger. Jake, awkward from his years of isolation, finds himself wholly out of practice from the real world, let alone dating. Sure, He's attracted to her, but how can he approach? That day on the ride home Aylissa's there again, and upon leaving the train, she accidentally drops a comic - the very one he's been reading. - Written by Jared Blake DiCroce
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