Rastus in Zululand (1910) Short, Comedy · 9 May 1910
Rastus is an odd jobs man, that is he does odd jobs when he has to, but when there are a few small coins in his pocket he prefers to sleep. He is looking for a soft spot when the scene opens and the picturesque banks of a small stream attract his fancy. It is in the open sunlight, but a darkey likes warmth and he composes himself to take a nap. In his dreams he rises and makes his way down to the water from where there are always to be found cotton bales that make the finest sort of couches. But on his way along he passes a sailors' boarding house where men are being shipped for a long voyage. The trim sailor suits and the promise of good pay attract Rastus and almost before he knows it he has shipped for the cruise. He is outfitted at a slop shop, but already he is losing his nerve and he has to be driven on board by his captain. The ship is wrecked on the African east coast and Rastus is the sole survivor. The Zulus capture him and are proceeding to serve ragout à la Rastus when the chief's daughter intervenes. Rastus is given his choice between death and marriage. One look at the princess contents him with the pot, but the sight of the firewood changes his mind and he marries with scant ceremony. He enjoys for a brief moment the regal honors, but the princess is amative and Rastus bas an eye for beauty. After all it is the pot for him, but at that moment he awakens and is much relieved to find himself within walking distance of a place where nerve tonic is to be had by those who possess the price. - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis
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