Rainbow Reef (1) 24min · Comedy · 1 January 0001
Jack McGowan lives the high life in the fast paced, white collar world of the stock market but, when his boss is arrested for insider trading, Jack goes from Wolf of Wall Street to the doghouse overnight. Sadly, when Jack falls down and breaks his crown, no one comes tumbling after...because no one seems to care. When his beautiful girlfriend realizes the SEC has frozen Jack's accounts and he's basically penniless, she goes terminator. "H'asta la vista baby!" (we have a big name actress in mind) After a few months of misery, Jack finds an old email from his old Uncle Chet, who has passed away and left him "Rainbow Reef", a ramshackle scuba shop. Jack flies out planning to sell the shop, fly back to New York and use the money to get back into the stock game. When he gets to the reef however, he soon discovers he is in for more than he bargained for in business, love and battle! Jack meets a cute girl, Lisa when he first arrives and soon discovers she's his chief dive instructor. Mr. Krampus (played by Asner), the nice old man in those scuba store commercials on TV, turns out to be Jack's new nemesis and worst nightmare and wants to see Jack headed back to NYC ASAP! Will Jack stay and fight for Rainbow Reef or will he head back to the Big Apple? What are Mr. Krampus's plans for the scuba shop and it's good hearted yet quirky crew of employees? And what about Lisa? Will Jack ever see her again? Will Lisa care? You never know what might happen out on Rainbow Reef. - Written by Danilo Di Julio
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