Product of a Nation (1) 1h 10min · Crime, Drama · 1 January 0001
Limerick present day. The city is in the grip of recession and gang warfare. Tensions have been brewing over missing drug consignments. And innocent bystanders are being caught in the crossfire. One victim, a man by the name of Tom Edwards is targeted by a gang and murdered. Detective Robert Joyce along with the Limerick police and task forces attempt to piece together the crimes and motivations of the gangs in the troubled areas of the city. Among this conflicted atmosphere returns the long lost son of Limerick, Joseph Gunne. Gunne is the former leader of the Gunne/Walsh crew from "the Island". Seven years before his family were found in a burnt out house in South Hill. Gunne had disappeared. His return to the city triggers a series of events that will destroy the fabric of society in Limerick and distort the iron hold of its gangs. The results may show Joyce exactly what he has been searching for. Through manipulation and deadly force Gunne sets about finding answers about himself and the gang he used to lead. He pieces together the motivation for his family's murder all those years ago. Joseph calls on old friends and foes to piece together that day when he disappeared from the city. Though his movements seem clear and precise there is a suggestion that something may be discovered amongst the chaos that reins over the city. With the help and knowledge he has acquired since his absence from Limerick, Joseph sets about righting the wrongs that he and the gangs brought to Limerick. Over twenty four hours Gunne through violence, intimidation and vast knowledge turns the tide on all who prey on the weak. Paul Walsh now leads Gunne's old gang. Under him the gang had risen to become the most prominent criminal organization within the city. When Walsh took over tensions peaked with bloodshed and narcotics taking over Limerick and holding it in a vicelike grip of fear. Gunne, upon his return, reverses this climate of fear. His presence disrupts the gang's comfortable dominance. Though his motivations and alliances may come into question in Joseph's mind his motivation is justice. A justice that Robert Joyce and the police cannot give as a result of weak legislation. However Gunne can because like all of the gang leaders in Limerick and beyond, he is a product of his environment, An environment that was created by government schemes in the 1960s. He is a product of a nation, this nation and this is his story. - Written by Jonathan Caffrey
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