Plop en het vioolavontuur (2005) AL · 1h 5min · Family · 22 December 2005
Plop, Klus, Lui and Kwebbel are gathering berries in the forest. Suddenly they hear violin music, which Plop tells must be from the big people living at the edge of the forest, and we see a young girl (granddaughter of a famous female violin player) practicing, with her father nervous for the performance for the audience for the centennial anniversary of her school. Lui goes with Klus to watch the violin itself. Klus climbs up the wall to the window. Just then the girl looks out with her violin, sees Klus, and drops the violin in surprise, and Klus falls as well. The violin breaks. The gnomes escape. The father attempts to repair the violin in the night. Meanwhile, the gnomes cannot sleep, concerned the violin cannot be repaired, and return to the cottage. The father falls asleep on his workbench. The gnomes, intimidated a little by the pet goose, set to work on repairing the violin. One problem emerges when they are half done: one string has broken, something that can only be replaced but not repaired. Plop ponders that the only possible solution lies in seeing the musical gnome Amadeus, who lives in the attic of the music theatre in the big city, which is, however, two days journey away. In another brainwave, Plop strikes a bargain with the goose in return for Plop cookies to carry Lui to Amadeus. Lui flies there, and meets the eccentric Johann Wolfgang Sebastian Amadeus. Lui forgets the violin string for a moment while the others are sleepily repairing the violin. When Lui remembers what he came for, he quickly grabs the one violin string, and returns. Meanwhile, the others have fallen asleep. When they awake, it is by the daughter coming to wake her father, happily surprised that the violin has been repaired. The daughter and the bewildered father leave, but leave the fiddlestick behind. The gnomes help again, and the performance goes beautifully, and that is the end. - Written by Heorot
Director(s): Matthias Temmermans Cast: Walter de Donder, Aimé Anthoni, Chris Cauwenberghs
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