Parables of Jesus
Release Date
1 June 2003

Parables of Jesus (2003)

30min ยท Animation, Short, Family
This story reinforces the principles of forgiveness, compassion and stewardship. The parables teach us to be good stewards of our time and the things we have been given. The Parables of Jesus includes three of the most loved parables: The Two Sons, The Rich Man and Lazarus and The Talents. The video begins with Jesus telling the story of the two sons. It is harvest time and the two sons cannot be found. Their father searches out to find his sons so the harvest would not be lost. The oldest son, who is suppose to inherit the vineyard, is found relaxing by the shore and promises to come help but does not. The younger son is frustrated about doing all the work since his brother will inherit the land. He refusing to come help, but changes his mind and returns to the vineyard to ask his father for forgiveness and to help with the harvest. In the end, the father rewards the youngest son with the vineyard because he was always there for him and used his time wisely. Next, the parable of The Rich Man and Lazarus is told by Jesus. Lazarus is very poor and is searching for food in front of a rich man's house. He begs for the scraps from the rich man's plate. The rich man refuses to help Lazarus. Both Lazarus and the rich man die and find themselves in two very different places. Father Abraham welcomes and comforts Lazarus while the rich man is in torment because of his actions on earth. The last parable, The Talents, is a teaching about the Kingdom of Heaven. A master is preparing to go on a long journey and leaves his three servants entrusted with his property and money. He instructs them to multiply their coins and that there will be an accounting upon his return. All will receive the same reward if they do their best. Two of the three use their time wisely, multiply their coins and help others while investing their money. The third servant does not use his time wisely nor invest his money. Upon the master's return, he rewards the two servants whom used their time wisely and for the good of others, while the third is not rewarded because he did not use the talents that he was given. - Written by Nest Family Entertainment
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