O Vigilante Rodoviário
Release Date
1 January 1978

O Vigilante Rodoviário (1978)

1h · Adventure
In 1978, using as deep cloth of the provincial city of Atibaia, the 60 km of Are Pablo, Ary Fernandes follows with its dream with the pilot for second series of "Vigilante Rodoviário®". It was through the Embrafilmes (extinct Governmental institution), that its creator managing e of the first version of the series, the Ary director Fernandes, felt that it would have a possibility to bring again to the TV, the legend of this our first hero typically Brazilian, "Vigilante Rodoviário®". The project of the Embrafilmes aimed at to stimulate the national production of films of high quality. Thus, this governmental entity opened the registrations so that ours directors they presented its cinematographic projects. For election, the Embrafilmes was based on a cautious selection; in which the creativity, content, honesty of the producer and director responsible for project, was decisive factors for final choice. E was thus, that participant Ary Fernandes and others few directors, they had been selected and they had received incentives financed for this agency for accomplishment of its workman-ships. They also counted on total support of the Ministries of the Education and Culture and of Ministry of the Communications, aiming at the interest for the production of national films of answer sheet for the Brazilian television; opening consequently, the international market in such a way for our films thus as for our professionals. The producers of Brazilian films already aimed at to assure the market of the cinema national of the strong international competition. With the borders opened for the cinematographic market, it would have greater spreading e recognition of the name of Brazil in other countries. E was of this form, that director Ary Fernandes concludes total in Technicolor, with much action and adventure; the film pilot who would be car head for new Saga "Vigilante Rodoviário®". The film, total remodeled for the standards of that time, was produced by company detainer of the rights of mark "Vigilante Rodoviário®"., PROCITEL-Producções Cine Televisão, pertaining the Ary Fernandes. It also fit to this respectable director the argument, script, production e direction of the film. The Production counted on entire contribution of Col. P.M.. Cid Benedito Marques, Commander of 3º Police Battalion of Shock and of Captain P.M Albino Carlos Pazzelli Commander of the Kennel of the Military Policy. In the cast, living the Vigilante personage Carlos, the actor and star of the SBT Antonio Fonzar, the dog counted on its faithful friend Wolf, lived for 3 (three) dogs of the race German Shepherd pertaining to the Kennel of the Military Policy of the State of São Paulo. For the training of the actor in the fight scenes, a policy investigator Mr. Orlando, was placed to the disposal of the production thanks to the contribution of Exmo. Colonel Erasmo Dias, Secretary of the Public Security of the State of São Paulo. To guide the actor in the paper of "Vigilante Rodoviário Carlos", as to proceed in scenes carried through in the road, 2º was placed the disposal Road Sergeant p.m. Benedict Lupe. In contrast of the first Wolf, that "did not count on doubles" (only followed the commands taught for Ary to control the animal in scene), as the personage of the Lobo dog he counted on the participation of the dogs: "Wolf", "Dom" and "Ekel", that they acted under command of the Sergeant of the Military Policy Jose Robert Gonçalvez and for SD p.m. Luiz Fernando Black Del, had followed e they had been the disposals of the team until the ending of the filming's. How much to the Tuca personage, it was lived by the boy, Jonathans Carvalho Batista, of 11 years of age, discovered for Ary Fernandes. After to be concluded, the film was delivers to the competent Governmental body, similar of being submitted previously to the authorities of the Federal Censorship, for then being set free for television. Consequently, it would be distributed to the channel that came the production, and presented daily in series form of. However, had to the problems faced for the Embrafilmes, this second series that it would mark the return of "Vigilante Rodoviário®", could not be concluded; being restricted to the film pilot of the series. Today, this workmanship of director Ary Fernandes meets deposited under the cares of Film library of the State of São Paulo. - Written by procitel
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