Nero and the Burning of Rome
Release Date
23 April 1908

Nero and the Burning of Rome (1908)

Short, Drama
Arrival of the Christian Slaves: The captives are brought before Nero. He chooses one fair maiden to serve in his palace. The others are condemned to death for a Roman holiday. In the Palace of Nero: Nero seated on his throne, drinking to the heathen gods. The Christian slave brings in some wine. He bids her dance for him. He is fascinated. She recoils from him. Orders her lashed. She is saved by a Roman captain, Flavius. The latter falls in love with her. Diana or Christ: The feast to Diana. Nero reclining on his couch. Fair young maidens dancing and offering incense on the altar of Diana. The last of the dancers is the Christian maiden. Refuses to give up her faith for pagan Rome. Nero in rage orders her put to death. Flavius tries to persuade her to give up her Christian faith; she refuses. He buys her from Nero as his slave, then sets her free. The Home of Peter: The freed Christian maiden tells Peter all that has happened. Flavius visits her often. She endeavors to convert him to her faith. He will not believe. Nero's soldiers take her captive. The Dungeons: She is locked in the dungeons under the Coliseum. Flavius learns of her fate from Peter. The Burning of Rome: The fire is discovered. Nero with his attendants watching the grand spectacular sight of the burning of the Eternal City. Harps are playing and Nero's people singing while the city burns. Buildings fall on all sides. Flavius fighting his way through the mob to the Coliseum, determined to rescue his loved one. The Coliseum : Flavius reaches the dungeons, overpowers the keeper. Releases his sweetheart and all other prisoners. Carries the Christian maiden to the arena. He engages a gladiator, whom he defeats. Flavius about to slay him. The Christian maiden pleads for his life. Replaces the Roman sword of Flavius with the cross. He kisses the cross and accepts the faith, as the vision of angels appears in the smoke of burning Rome. - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis
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