Negeri 5 Menara (2012) 1h 54min · Drama, Family · 1 February 2012
When Alif graduated from the secondary school, his mother wanted him to go to Pondok Madani, a pesantren (religious school)in corner of ponorogo, East Java. At first Alif was totally against the idea. being a good son, Alif gave him faith that his parents only wishes the best for him, yet half-heartedly. When Alif arrived at Pondok Madani, His heart sank even further.The Plase is depressing for him and feels like prison. It was worsened by many strict school rules and fact that he had to step a grade down to adapt the new system. Along the way Alif grow closer with his roommates, Baso from Gowa, Atang from Bandung, Raja from Medan, Said from Surabaya, and Dulmajid from Madura. The six of them are often seen and hang out near mosque tower and eventually known as the "Sahibul Menara" or the tower owners. Things are not like Alif expected. He starts to see how the school introduce him with new and modern ideas. Alif was inspired by the spirited shouts of Ustadz: "Man Jadda Wajada". A Phrase which means "he who gives his all will surely succeed. this 'Mantra' motivated the six students to have big visions on their life. All of them made promise under the tower that one day, they will go to places that they have been dreaming about. Alif wish to go to America, Atang wish to go to Egypt, Baso wish to go to Mecca, Raja wish to go to England, and Said and Dulmajid wish to travel all over Indonesia. - Written by Negeri 5 Menara
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