Mr. Smith, Barber (1912) Short, Comedy · 13 April 1912
Smith was of a sporting turn of mind, but his wife kept him thoroughly under control. Still when a man decides to deceive his better half for the purpose of getting a night off with the boys, he is generally equal to the emergency. So when Smith received a message and note from the friend whom he was shaving that a good time awaited him at the Cozy Corner Club, he arranged with the said friend to send him, Smith, a bogus telegram calling him out of town. So Smith's wife dutifully saw hubby off to the depot and loyally returned to take Smith's place in the barber shop, whilst he was absent. A customer came in to be shaved. Mrs. Smith donned her husband's working jacket and before she had completed her task, accidentally placed her hand in the pocket of the jacket, and discovered, not the telegram, which called her husband away, but a note signed "Jessie," inviting Smith to take a friend to the Cozy Corner Club that night. Mrs. Smith thereupon resolved to see things through and chooses for her plan that of disguising herself as a man. In this aspect she makes her entrance into the Cozy Corner Club, picks a quarrel with her husband, fights a duel with him, and when the hub-bub is at its height, throws off her disguise and reveals herself. Thus Mrs. Smith cures her husband of his disagreeable habit of "lying in order to make himself a holiday." - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis
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