Mother's Portrait (1910) Short, Drama · 24 November 1910
Jack Desnoyers having been without employment for a long time, decides that he will no longer be dependent upon what little his wife is able to earn, and bidding his loved wife and little girl a sad farewell, starts for America, hoping to find better fortune on the other side of the great Atlantic. Some time afterwards, Mrs. Desnoyers' employment ceases, and being unable to pay her rent, she is obliged to leave her home and seek poorer quarters. From exposure and hunger, the poor woman falls ill. A doctor is called in, who prescribes a very expensive medicine, which he states is the only thing which will restore the sinking woman. The little daughter, German, ponders what she can dispose of to obtain the necessary money, and at last decides to part with Mother's Portrait, as that is the only thing left of any value! She makes her way to a Picture Dealer, and tearfully parts with her loved portrait for five francs! The medicine is procured, and gradually the mother regains her strength. Meanwhile, the father in the new country has been successful, and has written to his wife, sending her $100 for their relief and comfort, but the letter goes to the old address, and as they did not leave the address of their new abode, the letter does not find them, and they continue in their poverty. One year from the time Jack Desnoyers left home, he returns, only to find his wife and child have disappeared, and in despair he begins his weary search to look at the pictures in a little Picture Store, and is surprised to find the portrait of his wife displayed for sale. He enters the shop and questions the dealer regarding the picture, but can get no information other than it was sold to him by a child. He buys the picture and leaves the store with a heavy heart. He has scarcely gone, when little Germain makes her daily visit to the window to look at her mother's portrait, and is greatly distressed to find it is no longer in its accustomed place. Weeping, she enters the store and asks what has become of the picture. The shopkeeper tells her that a man who was wondrously interested in the picture has just purchased it, and suggests that they try to overtake the purchaser; by chance the father is traced to the hotel at which he is staying, and great is the joy of father and daughter at once more being restored to each other's arms! Jack hastens to his wife, and soon they are clasped in each other's fond embrace! The cruel separation and the weary months of poverty are at an end; Jack has at last returned and brought happiness and comfort with him! - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis
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